Our company has joined the International Association Eurovent, which since the 1950s actively influences the legislation and technical regulations in the HVAC industry. As an independent, non-for-profit association, it unites national associations and leading manufacturers of process cooling, ventilation and air conditioning  industries in order to, via democratic decision-making and transparent methods, set the modern standard for the entire HVAC industry.

The contribution of the industry, namely manufacturers with highly specialized technical knowledge is an important element of Eurovent’s activity, therefore created regulations relate to the realistic possibilities that the market is able to offer. Alnor aims to participate in this process, sharing knowledge and experience to come together and improve the quality and attractiveness of products and HVAC systems.

2013-10-29Техническое Свидетельство ITB на монтажные аксессуары STRUT

Техническое Свидетельство ITB на монтажные  аксессуары STRUT

Монтажные аксессуары STRUT для подвешивания  каналов и вентиляционных элементов получили Техническое Свидетельство Института Строительной Техники.

Техническое свидетельство включает:

  • монтажные шины LDB,
  • консоли, башмаки и кронштейны,
  • держатели, монтажные плиты и соединители,
  • зажимные скобы.

Просмотреть Техническое Свидетельство ITB для монтажных аксессуаров STRUT 



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