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2019-03-21FLX-REKU - The complete air distribution system in a brand NEW version

FLX-REKU - The complete air distribution system in a brand NEW version

The smart solution for air distribution - FLX-REKU system: 

The FLX-REKU air distribution ductwork consists of ventilation semi-rigid ducts, distribution and plenum boxes, ventilation dampers and other elements that, together with a heat recovery unit, constitute a complete mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery (MVHR). The FLX-REKU system is a great solution when high durability and flexibility are required. The high circumferential rigidity allows burying the ducts in concrete.


  • Aesthetics of the installation - high durability and mechanical strength allows for assembly in a concrete screed in the ceiling or in the insulation layer,
  • Small dimensions and a unique structure allow installing FLX ducts under the ceiling, on walls and laid on floors,
  • The minimum number of joints ensures minimal pressure loss,
  • The antimicrobial lining in FLXHDPE-A ducting contains silver ions,
  • Quick and easy assembly - the offer includes all necessary couplers and mounting accessories!
  • Guaranteed airtight installation - connections with EPDM seals,

We have expanded the range of FLX-REKU system products with silencers, offsets and UPgraded the design of plenum and distribution boxes!!


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2019-02-19Meet us at ISH 2019

Meet us at ISH 2019

We would like to invite you to visit ISH 2019 which will take place in Frankurt on 11-15 March. 2019. Let's meet at ISH 2019 at Alnor's stand no C31 in Hall 8.0.

We'll be expecting You from 11. - 14.3.2019 (Monday to Thursday): 9 a.m. to 6 p.m, and on 15.3.2019 (Friday - Public day): 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Don't miss opportunity for talk about our new products which can make your offer more attractive, amongst them smoke extraction system, new models of fire dampers and VAV and CAV regulators. .

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2019-01-02Рейтинг Газель бизнеса 2018

Рейтинг Газель бизнеса 2018

Рейтинг Газели бизнеса, это рейтинг наиболее динамично развивающихся малых и средних компаний. С точки зрения газеты „Пульс бизнеса» (”Puls Biznesu”), Газель – это компания среднего размера, которая благодаря очень динамичному развитию, великолепно справляется со своими заданиями, даже в окружении значительно более крупных конкурентов. Рейтинги Газели бизнеса проводятся ежегодно экономическими газетами, принадлежащими шведской группе Bonnier Press Group. Кроме «Пульса Бизнеса» ("Puls Biznesu"), такой перечень составляют аналогичные журналы из Швеции, Дании, Австрии, Латвии, России, Эстонии и Словении. Критерии выбора Газелей в конкретных странах зависят от местных экономических условий, однако, цель везде одна: продвижение малого и среднего бизнеса.

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2018-11-19Meet us BIG 5 Dubai 2018

Meet us BIG 5 Dubai 2018

Join ALNOR team at the largest fair trade in the Middle East - Big 5 in Dubai between 26 - 29 November 2018.

We are exhibiting with both our standard products like fittings and silencers as well as brand new ones - round and square fire dampersVAV and CAV volume regulators.

You are very welcome in Hall Zabeel 5, booth Z5 D70 to talk with us about cooperation.

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2018-09-04Meet us at SMM 2018

Meet us at SMM 2018

Join ALNOR team at the largest fair trade for Marine industry in Germany SMM 2018 in Hamburg between 4-7.09.2018. 

We're presenting 5 complete ventilation systems for marine applications: pre-insulated ductwork with 10, 16 and 25mm insulation, air insulate ductwork and aluminium system, as well as offshore ventilation system made of stainless steel.

You are very welcome in Hall B5, booth B5.516 to talk with us about cooperation.

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2018-07-18Вихревые диффузоры

Вихревые диффузоры

Потолочные вихревые диффузоры GCR:

  • изготовлены из листовой стали и покрашены порошковой краской белого цвета (RAL 9010),
  • диффузоры обеспечивают смешивание свежего воздушного потока с комнатным воздухом,
  • предназначенные для помещений высотой до 4 м, например, в общественных помещениях, таких как офисы, спорткомплексы, гостиницы, офисы, магазины, рестораны, кафе,
  • типы соединения:с соединительным ниппелем или с муфтой воздуховода, с перфорированной крышкой или без нее,
  • широкий диапазон размеров: 125 - 400 мм.

Technical sheetDownload the pdf file for Swirl Diffusers GCR

These and other products for ventilation and heat recovery can be found in the PRODUCTS section 

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2018-06-07DAT-AKU - клапан-глушитель для каналов воздуховода

DAT-AKU - клапан-глушитель для каналов воздуховода


клапан-глушитель для каналов воздуховода:

  • made of polyurethane foam,
  • regulation of air flow and noise suppression in the ventilation system,
  • thickness: 50 mm or 75 mm,
  • non-combustible material (class B2 according to DIN4102-1),
  • a wide range of sizes,
  • the possibility of using several dampers at a time in the ventilation duct.

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2018-05-15Прямоугольные регуляторы переменного расхода воздуха VAV

Прямоугольные регуляторы  переменного расхода воздуха VAV

NEW - Rectangular/ Square Volume Flow Regulator (VAV):

  • High air flow measurement accuracy,
  • The casing is made of Z275 galvanized sheet,
  • Optionally, the casing can be made of the 1.4301 stainless steel,
  • Operating temperature range from 0 to 50 [˚C],
  • Possibility to measure current air flow parameters using external micromanometers.

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2018-03-06NEW - PremAIR from Alnor

NEW - PremAIR from Alnor

NEW - Heat recovery unit PremAIR-450:

  • Heat recovery up to 93%,
  • Free-cooling and Free-heating functions,
  • Wireless control via a mobile application (Android and iOS systems),
  • Lightweight design - only 32kg,
  • CO2 and RH sensors (optional).

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2018-03-05Meet us at Mostra Convegno!

Meet us at Mostra Convegno!

ALNOR Ventilation Systems once again will be an exhibitor on the Mostra Covegno. 

In 2018 You will see new product like: circular and square fire dampers, CAV and VAV regulators, chemically resistant ducts and fittings.

You are welcome in Hall 22, stand S53 to talk with us about cooperation.

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