STRUT installation system


Easy, quick and precise installation of ducts even in hard to reach places is the main advantage of the STRUT installation system.

The installation accessories system based on LDB profiles with a full set of profile connection elements under different angles allows to prepare duct fixtures tailored to each individual interior.

All components are made of galvanized steel as a standard.

The basic component on which the entire system  is based are the STRUT type suspension rails.

LDB STRUT profiles are available in sections from 2 to 6 rm in length, available profile thickness: 1,6, 1,9, 2,0 and 2,5 mm.
STRUT profiles are the basic component of the assembly system to be utilized not only in ventilation, air conditioning and cooling systems but also for other components that are to be suspended. Indented internal components are adapted for use with SNP, SNL and SNKL skid washers - which together with nuts and shapes form the entire installation system.

Apart from the profile, the system consists of a broad selection of connectors, angle plates, clamps along with nuts, hole plugs and supports.
LDB-P-41-1 flat connector is used to make and support the structure of STRUT suspension rails. They are most often used with PG threaded rods and NKS nuts as a ceiling suspension.

Flat steel coupling LDB-P-41-2 is especially useful for connecting two straight sections of the rail. If required, coupling types from LDB-P-41-2 to

LDB-P-41-4 offer different lengths and numbers of holes. The higher the load and length of the entire connected rail section, the longer couplings should be used.

LDB-PC three-hole coupling is elbow shaped, which means it is often used to construct a frame, LDB strut profile holes are then used in the vertical section. For much easier and faster use of the coupling, use SNP and SNL skid nuts with the SRS screw. It is also possible to use standard PSD-P and NKS pads instead of SNP.

The LDB-PT coupling pad is perfect for connecting the main LDB STRUT rail to a shorter section of a similar profile. Due to the fact that there is only one hole at each connection point, additional support is required.

The product is best used to make a checker-board pattern out of the suspension rails - it braces the entire structure in an effective and good-looking way.

The four-sided LDB-PK coupling pad is used to connect four LDB STRUT suspension rails, one from each side. It is very useful for making grid structures with these profiles.

LDB-PTRA-45 trapezoid coupling pad is highly effective at constructing and bracing flat connections of LDB STRUT rails. Its unique application is to connect two lateral profiles at 45 degrees away from the main suspension rail. LDB- PTRA-90 trapezoid coupling pad is best used to make T-shaped connections, laterally to the main suspension rail at the 90 degree angle.

L-shape coupling is available in three variants, each has a different number and configuration of holes. LDB-BE-41-2-2 is fitted with 2 x 2 holes in each part for connecting LDB STRUT rails at 90 degrees angle - both arms can bear a similar load. LDB-BE-41-1-3 type coupling is used when one rail is connected to the other from the side, forming a T connection at the same time. The last coupling type LDB-BE-41-2-1 is used when a vertical rail is connected to two other rails that additionally form a T connection.

Type L 1-1 connection is fitted with two holes, one at each lateral connection. They are used for making lightweight rail connections at 90 degrees angle.  For LDB-BE-41-1-1-R, the connection is T shaped,for LDB- BE-1-1, the coupling is frontal and creates an L shape.

L shaped trapezoid coupling LDB-BTRA-41-3 is used for single point connection of transverse profiles. Two holes along the horizontal axis allows to use it without a second support point.

LDB-PBTR-41 triangular-angular coupling is used on corners where each lateral connection to the main rail has to bear a heavy load.

LDB-AN-TL,  -TR and -T rail couplings allow to simultaneously join STRUT suspension rails at multiple planes. This allows to save time, space and achieve a highly aesthetic look, which allows for a highly practical connection of complex rail arrangements.

LDB-B-O-CLAMP clamp couplings are used to suspend LDB STRUT rails from structural rails. The 21, 41 or 2x41 profile is slid into the clamp which is then fastened to the upper side of the rail.
This allows for a quick and stable fastening.

LDB-BAN-41 flat coupling width matches the STRUT 41 and 21 rails. It is mostly used to connect two sections of the profile at the angle of 30, 45, 60, 120, 135 and 150 degrees.

This gives us a lot of freedom in designing the support structure for ventilation system, air conditioning, heating system and all other applications.

LDB-B-CLAMP and LDB-W-BLAMP clamps are used to attach LDB profiles to lengthwise to steel rails. Depending on type, it is used to connect 41 and 21 mm or 2x 41 rails - just like with the LDB-B-CLAMP.

LDB-Z steel coupling is used for connecting STRUT profiles cross-wise. Depending on size, it may be used with profiles LDB STRUT 21 and 41, or 2 x 41 for LDB-Z-82-3. It is used when the coupling is to bear relatively lighter loads.

LDB-U steel coupling is used for connecting STRUT profiles cross-wise. Depending on size, it may be used with profiles LDB STRUT 21 and 41, or 2 x 41 for LDB-Z-82-3 or LDB-U-41-6. Two-side coupling is used when the connection is to bear higher loads.

LDB-STP and LDB-PFIX feet are used to connect LDB STRUT suspension rails. Each model had two holes at the base to be fastened with screws or anchoring screws to the floor and one to 4 holes to connect the foot to the LDBST profile. LDB-STP-82-4-2 foot allows to connect two 41 profiles.

LDB-CHTB coupling allow to join profiles in a T shaped connection with very large loads to the vertical profile. Three-side banding of the central rail and six installation holes mean very high pressure resistance.

U - LDB-EXT-U type coupling is available in two sizes, for 41 and 21 STRUT rails. The coupling, apart from four holes used to connect the profile is also fitted with vertical walls which surround and reinforce the connection point - eliminating possible rotation.

LDB-WP connecting slide is the most basic component to be used for suspending LDB STRUT profiles from steel rails. It is very popular for structures with relatively low loads.

LDB-BAN-R2 movable coupling has two holes on each two arms and at the base. The arms are connected to the base by a bolt, which allows for smooth angle adjustment for connecting the STRUT profile. They are used wherever the framework design calls for atypical support connection, or an atypical profile angle.

B-CLB steel stake is used to suspend the PG threaded rod from the steel girder rails.  From the upper side, the SRS screw fastens the clamp to the rail and the bolt prevents the clamp from loosening. Threaded rod is screwed directly into the stake opening allowing to mount additional components such as LDB rails or EQLS or EQZS duct brackets.

SNP duct nut is used to connect STRUT rails to the threaded rod. The indented part of the nut fits the indents on 41x41 and 41x21 profiles, allowing to move the component but at the same time prevent sliding. The middle hole is threaded to allow direct screwing in of the PG threaded rod.

SNL nut is the modified version of the SNP nut that has a similar application. The major new feature is the use of the steel spring dedicated for use with the 41 x 41 profile, which keeps the nut in place and prevents its sliding out during installation.  It is especially useful when multiple PG rod suspensions are to be made at a significant height. The SNKL version uses a shorter spring dedicated for the 41x21 rail.

PVC hole plugs type Z-LDB are used to safely finish LDB and LDBST profiles. They match the dimensions of the suspension rails and ensure a good looking finish of the entire installation system.

GPK shock absorber is available in two sizes, 30 and 41 to match the width of the LDB-30 and LDBST-41 profiles. Made of EPDM rubber, it is used to protect the ventilation ducts from building vibrations which may create noise inside the installation.

Installation supports W-LDB are available in lengths from 150 to 450 mm. They are attached to the walls by means of elliptical holes which allow to fasten the support exactly at a 90 degree angle. They are used to attach items directly next to the building wall.

WK-LDB version has a similar application to the W-LDB supports. The main difference is in the length of the profile used - up to 700 mm which has an additional support for added durability.
The available selection of installation components make for a fully professional system. Thanks to the various shapes and multiple applications, they allow to create tailor-made structures, which perfectly match the individual features of a given installation.

A comprehensive selection of components, easy use and high workmanship quality mean that they can be used to suspend installation components in each and every interior without having to order custom angle brackets or complex connectors.

STRUT installation system, due to a comprehensive selection of available solutions allows for a quick and easy assembly of the installation.

STRUT installation system
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