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Suspended heat recovery unit with plate heat exchanger

Photo of product HRU-SlimAIR-250-H

The HRU-SlimAIR heat recovery unit is designed for residential buildings.
The HRU has a capacity of 250 m3/h @ 100 Pa, generated by energy-efficient
EC fans. A plastic (PET) counterflow heat exchanger is responsible for heat recovery.
An ERV version with an enthalpy exchanger that recovers moisture is also available.

Built-in electric preheater protects heat exchanger against freezing,
wireless radio communication connects controllers and sensors,
and all of it is enclosed inside a self-supporting, insulating EPP casing.

HRU-SlimAIR can be installed in up to 3 positions, thanks to
a special condensate drain system.

Constant Flow (CF) Design SlimAIR air handling units optionally can be equipped with the Constant Flow system, whose task is to maintain a constant air flow in the installation. CF works by reading the difference between the dynamic pressure around the fan and the static pressure in the duct in front of the fan. The CF system constantly monitors the pressure in the ducts and if the resistance increases, it increases the speed of the fans to maintain a constant flow, such as on the first day when the ventilation unit was commissioned. During exploitation, the installation pressure is naturally disrupted (dirty filters, condensation of water in the heat exchanger, temperature difference changing the air mass). CF counteracts to those changes, thanks to which the airflows remain sustainable, and only a sustainable system takes full advantage of the air handling unit’s capabilities.

Key performance features: 

  • 3-position mounting and 2 condensate drains
  • Access to filter replacement from two sides
  • Only 242mm high
  • Light-weight construction - only 25.5 kg
  • CF constant flow system
  • Built-in pre-heater
  • PET or enthalpy exchanger (moisture recovery)
  • One person installation thanks to a special mounting rack.
  • An easy-to-access USB port
  • Modern casing made of expanded polypropylene (EPP)
  • High thermal and acoustic insulation of the casing
  • Energy-saving EC fans
  • Intelligent automatic bypass control
  • Wireless control, also available through a mobile application (Android and iOS systems)
  • Wireless sensors for DCV (Demand Control Ventilation): CO2 and RH
  • Replaceable duct connectors
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